Fattening Carbohydrates

One crucial thing we need to take on board is that not all Carbohydrates are equal when it comes to how fattening they are.
The ones that are the most fattening are the foods that have the greatest effect on our blood sugar and Insulin levels.

Groups of concentrated Carbohydrates such as those that we digest quickly – Starches, like potatoes and rice, liquid carbohydrates such as – fruit juice, fizzy drinks, beer, wine and anything that is made from flour – breads, cereals and pasta.


All of these said foods will quickly flood the bloodstream with glucose, blood sugar climbs rapidly, then Insulin shoots up and we just get fatter and fatter if we continuously make the same mistakes with our Carbohydrate choices.
The crazy thing is that history tells us these foods have been considered fattening for over the last 100 years!!!!!!

Better choices;

Carbohydrates such as green vegetables – broccoli, spinach, cabbage, kale, sprouts contain a large amount of indigestible fibre, therefore take much longer to digest, so they in turn take longer to get into our bloodstream.

Only draw back is that as they contain fewer digestible carbohydrates than say the starchy ones so we need to eat a bit more of them to get the same load of carbohydrates and they do take a bit longer to digest.

However on the positive side blood sugar remains pretty low when we eat these greens, they initiate a far more modest Insulin response and are therefore ultimately LESS FATTENING.

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