Another Level Body Conditioning A Real Absolution

I can imagine you are all thinking the same thing – “Oh no not another method thats going to promise us great Abs, and invairiably come up with nothing” At Personal Trainer Edinburgh we give you the best and latest info.

Wrong – I am not going to offer you anything that is impossible to achieve, nor am I going to offer you a bunch of ridiculous exercises with false promises, I am simply going to tell you how it really is.

Commitment, regular exercise, quality nutrition – thats it, there is nothing else.


Well that was pretty easy, my job is done, Good Luck I am sure if you follow all the above you will be in great shape and have Abs of Steel in no time!! If only!!!!

Read the information enclosed, it absolutely works, follow it and you “WILL” have great Abs, along with a healthier leaner physique but its all down to you.


If you go to College you are making a commitment to succeed and achieve your set goals.

Getting in shape is exactly the same and requires the same attitude to give you the rewards you deserve for your hard work, you are making a commitment to a proven system of education.

Like everything in life people duck out of College as well as Conditioning Programmes and usually blame the course, the Tutors or the program.

 The key to succeeding is The Commitment.

Regular Exercise and Proper Nutrion;

We have the measured evidence that in order to become healthier and reduce our excess bodyfat levels we not only need regular exercise but we need to be aware certain foods will hinder us in achieving our Wellness Goals.

It is therefore important that we understand simple guidelines that we can adopt for the rest of our lives, promoting good health and vitality.

 Excess Body Fat;

Well we all have it and in most cases its all our own fault.

Most of us are greedy, cant say no to Junk Food, drink to much alcohol and think because we have been “trying so hard for three or four days” – We deserve a treat!!!

All the above has created the excess bodyfat we are trying to get rid of so my advice to you is forget the “Treats” – after all they caused the problem in the first place. I know its not easy but you can make the change, everyone can.

This thing called the human body that we all uniquely inhabit as individuals is a very clever piece of work, its pre-programmed to store bodyfat in order to satisfy feast/ fast mechanisms, it uses this as primitive survival, so in order to burn the excess bodyfat we need to give the body a little bit more to do and fuel it in such a way that it thrives on the quailty of the food we eat.

 Food Types; Protein;

Protein is the building block of muscle and amino acids are the foundations of Protein. Every gram of Protein equals four calories of energy. It also supports lean muscle tissue, helps produce vital hormones and supports the immune system.

If you are someone exercising regularly you will need a little bit more Protein in your diet just to maintain the lean muscle you have as muscle is metabolically active tissue, in other words needs energy to keep it.

Fat however is only excess stored energy, excess being the important word. Adding a little bit more Protein to your daily diet can actually speed up the metabolic rate due to the fact that it does take energy to maintain your muscle mass at rest.

 Best Sources of Protein;

Fish, Chicken,Turkey, Beef, Venison,Organic Eggs,Cottage Cheese, Nuts and Seeds.

 Protein Supplements;

Whey Protein, Casein, Milk Proteins.


There are different types of Carbohydrates, each providing four calories of energy per gram. They are made up of Complex and Refined Carbohydrates along with basic dietary fibbers. Carbohydrates provide us with energy.

The rate of this energy is perceived by their effect on our Blood Sugar, this is known as The Glycemic Index, the higher the Glycemic Index of a Food the faster the blood sugar will rise after eating it, unfortunately it will also drop fairly quickly, in turn making demands for more carbs.

So constantly consuming these High Glycemic Index Foods will lead to excess Fat Storage. I recommend you look towards Lower Glycemic Index Foods that will allow a steady flow of energy keeping your blood sugar stable.

Eg; Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, water rich vegetables; Brocolli, Carrots, Spinich etc.



Dont listen to these clowns who tell you that you need to be on a “Fat Free” diet – you will become seriously ill. Fats are essential to our overall health and wellbeing, thats “The Good Ones, the Unsaturated”. Each gram of Fat provides us with nine calories of energy so you will see its the most calorie dense of all the food types.

The Saturated Fats are your enemy and you should avoid them, they cause Cardiovascular problems and increase Cholesterol Levels as well as other health issues. Some of these Bad Boys are, animal fat, butter in excess, dairy products, lard, margarines etc.

The Unsaturated Fats are our friends, they hold the essential fatty acids that our bodies cannot produce EFAs – Omega – 3s and Omega 6s, so we need to source them from food. Supplementing the Omegas is an easy way to get you recommended daily dose.

These esential fatty acids improve the  action of Insulin, increase growth hormone, increase oxygen uptake, decrease total Cholesterol, increase HDL – the good Cholesterol, support liver function and the mmune System, all very positive effects for health concious individuals.

 Good Sources of Essential Fatty Acids;

  • Almonds.
  • Walnuts.
  • Organic Peanut Butter.
  • Almond Butter.
  • Salmon.
  • Mackeral.
  • Sardines.
  • Olive Oil.
  • Sunflower Seeds.
  • Avacados
  • Supplements; Cod Liver Oil/Fish Oils/Udos Choice.


I call it “Liquid Gold” the most underestimated nutrient. Hydration is mega important.

Water has many functions, transports nutrients, gets rid of toxins, promotes cellular hydration, supports healthy skin and controls our body temperature. Check your Urine colour, if its clear you are hydrated. Drink plenty water throughout the day; especially if you are living in a hot climate.


OK I hear you, dont just ignore the following information because they really can make a difference to getting rid of that excess fat as well as improving your overall health.

They are not a “must buy” but they are a great help if you are not eating a balanced healthy nutritious diet.

  • Get a good Multi Vitamin & Mineral – I recommend Solgar Products.
  • A stand alone Vitamin C.
  • Drink Green Tea.
  • Conjugated Linolic Acid (CLA) this supplement has shown great results in fat loss, seems to lower abdominal fat, its found naturally in beef and dairy but not in enough quantity so supplementing is benificial
  • Whey Isolate Protein – Hydrolised is best.
  • Casein Protein.
  • Various Meal Replacements (MRPs) – Myoplex, Metrix etc.


Fire it Up!!

Getting your metabolisim fired up is key to getting these “Hard Abs” and lean muscular physique.

To keep it simple, if you are consuming food of quality on a regular basis you will be turning up the heat of the body’s inner furnace, if you dont consumme enough food the body’s thermostate will be turned down and you will definitely burn less calories.

People who are on Weight Management Programs to lose excess fat can actually lower their basal metabolic rate, along with excessive exercise, especially Cardio, your metabolisim will slow right down, so we therefore need to maximise your metabolisim and stop the crash.

 Here is the deal –

A recent study in Medicine and Science in Sport confirmed that dehydration can cause a great drop in your resting metabolic rate, the body can dehydrate up to six percent of your weight during exercise so make sure you drink plenty good quality water, I recommend at least six, eight to twelve ounce fluid glasses per day.

Eat small frequent meals throughout the day and do not miss Breakfast. Combine your meals with both protein and water rich carbohydrates. Whole foods increase the thermogenic effect and increase your metabolisim.

Look to eat high protein low fat they are more effective for fat loss. Constant small meals are easier to digest and have a great boost to calorie expediture, they definitely enhance “Fat Burning.”

Sleep and what you eat before going to bed is another key issue to getting rid of these extra pounds. 90 percent of Growth Hormone is produced when we sleep, its an important time for protein synthesis as well as key hormone release.

So make sure you dont go to bed with a belly full of refined food and try to get eight good hours. Recommended  Workout Programme. As the information enclosed is geared towards gaining Lean Hard Abs lets look briefly at the Mid Section.

Its really the same for us all, if you dont see those Abs looking back at you in the mirror thats simply because they are hidden by a layer of Fat!! – we all have Abs, so in order to see them we need to get rid of this layer of excess.

Please dont think that doing sets of 500 reps every day on abdominal work is the answer, its not.

The way forward to getting those Abs and condition you have always wanted is here for you, its tried, its tested and it works – that is if you commit to it and follow the information provided.

Do less not more but concentrate on the “Intensity” of the workout not the duration. Its clear that in order to get the most from any workout you should follow this saying;

“You can have a long workout or a hard workout but you cannot have a long hard workout”.

 “So less is definitely more”

Once again research is proving that short intense weight training sessions build quality muscle faster and emphasis on the intensity and short duration of cardio have a positive effect on fat loss. The Cardio is best done first thing in the norning on an empty stomach, burns fat more efficiently.

However we will also recommend longer duration Cardio as well as the above, the combination is very productive. Lets look at the Cardio Workouts;

First thing in the Morning with no food but drink plenty water before you start; Twice per week try to build up to a 15 minute programme of interval training, this could be running, rowing, cycling, cross trainer – whatever you choose.

Eg; 3 – 5 Minute Warm Up.

  • Sprint for 30 Seconds, recover for 30 seconds x 5.
  • Keep speed constant for 2 minutes.
  • Sprint for 30 seconds, recover for 30 seconds x 5
  • Simply build up the overall duration as you feel you are getting fitter.
  • Keep the duration to no more than 15 – 20 minutes in total and maintain this Interval Training Principle.


Once again we have information available confirming that Cardio Work done first thing in the morning with no eating before the workout burns three times more fat!

Resistence Training;

Some people question why they are encouraged to use weight training in order to promote the loss of excess body fat. It’s simply vital to the cause. Intense weight training definitely builds lean muscle and burns fat in the process.

Short, intense workouts are the answer, they will rev up the body’s metabolic rate much more efficiently than those long drawn out sessions with lots of rest between sets.

In fact studies comparing low and high intensity workouts showed that after only ten minutes of High Intensity workouts growth hormones were elevated. Shorter rest periods eg; one minute against three once again showed increase in growth hormones.

 So you can see the benefits.

Workout Guidelines.

  • Workouts should last no more than 45 minutes.
  • Make sure you warm up properly and I recommend you stretch during the warm up and after each exercise, if you incorperate this into your routine although sometimes it may be uncomfortable it will make a huge difference to your flexibility and accelerates lean mass.
  • Focus your technique on both positive and negative parts of your lifts, I recommend a tempo of 2 seconds positive and four seconds on the negative. The reason for this is you are much stronger on the negative phase so this enables you to put more work into that part.
  • Two to three exercises per bodypart – 12 -15 reps per set – remember we are looking for a Lean, Cut, Ripped Physique here, although the reps are fairly high the load must be consistent with the results we are looking for

eg; look at it like this, you need to choose a weight that allows you to just meet the fifteen reps on your first set, maybe you will have one or two in the tank extra on this set only.

Second set you should be lucky to reach fifteen – maybe two or three short, third set, failure will be around ten – twelve mark. In other words the exercises should be challenging but no less than ten reps on the last set, or failure if you can handle it.

  • Make sure you dont overtrain – sometimes your enthusiasm can be your worst enemy, base it on intense workouts not duration and get plenty rest.

It is key to remember that you dont grow or condition while you workout, that happens during the rest and recovery phase – “SO GET PLENTY REST”

  • Dont train your Abs every day, they are like any other bodypart, they need to recover.
  • Like any other muscle they need weight to develop, so I recommend the following choices for your Ab Routines.
  • Weighted cable crunch.
  • Weighted Wood Chop.
  • Overhead Squats.
  • Dead Lifts.
  • Kettlebell Swings.

All Ab Training should consist of no more than 15 –  20 reps max per set, I can assure you if you are getting 20 you are probably either not using correct technique, Tempo is to fast or to little weight – slow them down – dont use “body momentum” just concentrate on these Abs , feel the “burn” and watch them become ripped and toned.

Recommended Ab Exercises without weight;


Leg Raises.

Plank with or without Bosu Ball.

Olympic Bar Turnovers.

Knee Tucks on Swiss Ball

Side Plank to the floor (obliques)

Medicine Ball turnovers standing on Bosu Ball.

Russian Twists with Medicine Ball.

Here are some Tips for Targeting Abdominal Fat.


  • Try to get three to four Cardio workouts per week, preferably first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, this really does Burn Fat efficiently.
  • Target both Upper and Lower Ab Exercises.
  • Add Vitamin C and CLA to your diet, research has shown us that CLA can significantly reduce abdominal fat, it seems to work specifically on brown adipose tissue located deep in the abdomen.
  • Drink plenty fresh water.
  • Eat well and in small amounts, preferably 5 – 6 times per day, we as humans are built to “Graze – not to Gorge”.
  • Lean Proteins and Water Rich Carbs are your friends
  • Try to eat Proteins alongside Carbohydrates, except your last meal of the day – Protein and Salad together is fine.
  • Eg; Chicken, Turkey, Eggs all kinds of Fish, Nuts, Seeds, Fresh Salads, Fresh Fruit, Brown Rice, Oatmeal and Vegetables.
  • Be carefull with Breads, Pasta, Refined Junk Food, Booze, Sugar and Dairy – you should limit them to an absolute minimum.
  • Protein Supplements are good but I prefere people to eat as near to nature as possible, if however you do use supplements I recommend you mix them with only Water and go for a Hydrolised Whey.
  • Make the commitment to succeed and you will.
  • Only you can determine the benefits of your success, you and only you are responsible, it does take time and commitment but you can do it, follow the simplicity of the format, its a sure fire tried and tested winner and you will reap the rewards having the best abs ever.

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The information enclosed is merely a guideline to a healthier and leaner physique.

Before attempting to do any exercise I sincerely recommend you get the all clear from your GP and start very gently with any new approach or exercise programme.


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