Hi everyone!! – my name is Derek Ross, for the last twenty years I have been involved in the Fitness Industry, coaching many different clients from all walks of life.

During this period I have constantly worked along side some of the most experienced and recognised experts in their specialist fields, developing new and efficient exercise programs along side simple effective nutritious Weight Management Plans that encourage my clients to become healthier, leaner, more energised, rewarded by a new exciting zest for life.

I don’t have any self appraising pictures of myself in tight fitting tee shirts or some semi clad half naked torso showing of my abdominal development, quite simply because this web site is for my clients not some pedestal for just another so called “Super Dooper Personal Trainer” telling you how wonderful he or she is!!!

Why? – its simple, don’t need that type of “The big I am promotion” my system works, it gets results FAST!!!, don’t need all the hype and nonsense –  my number one priority is YOU – THE CLIENT.

I have the knowledge, experience and determination to help, you wont be dissappointed, that I gaurantee.